The SeedPod Studio is a arts and crafts studio based in the busy Fourways area.  We stock a wide range of mosaic, ceramic, gifts  and other arts and crafts materials. We also host really cool and creative workshops.


We are a destination store for creatives looking to make their own mosaics or ceramics. A place where families are looking to explore their crafty side and switch off from technology. It’s also a destination for shoppers wanting unique and different gifts and products.

Why do a POP UP SHOP?

There’s no better way to do market research than by putting yourself and your product out there on the street. If you sell like crazy, you can safely assume that people want what you have to offer. That’s how simple it should be, especially in these times of ‘lean business models’ as the necessary approach to starting up a business or trying new markets.


Popup stores in city centres and shopping centres allow small companies to test locations, products and marketing campaigns, before going ahead on a final idea, and incurring full expenditure. Popups present an opportunity to ‘fail fast, and succeed faster’. 


The pop-up concept is a win-win for the small unique product designers and existing retail or studio outlets  – sellers can take advantage of short-term leases and lower rents to test out products or a location, move stock and build a customer base, while retailers can earn income and reinvigorate their retail space while maintaining a lean growth model.

The Plan

Our pop-up space has been running successfully for 6 months and we rotate stock from designers, makers, ceramicists, artists etc. continually creating a completely new and exciting retail space that is continually changing. Our studio is open 7 days a week and we have staff there everyday running the point of sale etc. So it would not require you to physically be there. You just need to supply your stock (and any shop fittings specific for your product), your story (so we can sell for you) and some signage to make your 'area' look like your own little pop-up shop!


The idea though is to have multiple people showcasing and selling their work at a time. As this is a new venture we won't look at a base rental for the space but rather a 30% commission on sales and a 6-8 week period on the floor - and we can reschedule pop-ups, so for example you could do a pop-up July-August and then again Dec - Jan etc. etc. 


We think it's a great idea to get smaller artists and designers an opportunity to increase sales and awareness, test out products or a location, move stock and build a customer base.

Email us if you are keen to get involved! See details below x

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